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How to use these resources

You will find pre recorded and prepared resources here to help with your worship at home.  Make sure you scroll to the correct date to find the complete array of resources for a particular Sunday.  There will usually be an introduction, a reading, a sermon, some prayers of intercession and a conclusion with a blessing (now all on one single video). Along with these resources you’ll find videos and links put together by Nathan for the ‘Sunday Network’ and ‘Connections’ age groups.

Remember that you can also find some music videos under the heading of ‘Sung Worship’.  Rather than ’embed’ these in a particular place amongst the readings etc, they have been left as a separate resource for you to use as you prefer.  Some people like more sung worship.  Some people prefer less.  With this option you can have the flexibility to choose.  These have been recorded as ‘live worship’ by members of our worship bands.

For all of the resources, YOU are in control.  A simple click can pause the reading, sermons, prayers and songs whenever you want.  Even if you want to make a cuppa in the middle of the sermon!  Take control and use these resources to bless you in your worship, your discipleship and in your home!

Our prayer is that these resources will equip you in your walk with the Lord in these strange and difficult days AND help us as a church family remain connected even though we’re dispersed.  Church is still in business, Jesus is Lord!




Sung Worship

New songs this week in bold type:

Songs by Anna & Emily Saunders:

This is Amazing Grace; Cornerstone; Build My Life; King of My Heart

Songs by Michael & Abi Yelland-Brown:

Everyone needs Compassion; Good Good Father; How Great Thou Art; Hosanna (Praise is Rising)