Financial Giving

Our Vision

Is to make our church an open door to God’s Kingdom.

As we live that out, Loving Like Jesus, Living Like Jesus & Leading to Jesus we will want to engage in strategic, planned, funded mission and evangelism as well as continuing to do our regular things like worship together, have fun together and grow in our discipleship.

To help with that, you can give to the church in any of the following ways:

You can give right now

click the link below using our secure ‘’ page:

The Parish Giving Scheme
Our preferred giving method, by direct debit
this enables us to budget accurately as we are assured of a regular tax efficient source of income.

You can register for PGS via the button below.  When registering with PGS, you will need our parish code so that PGS can identify us. Our parish code is: 416008421.

Standing Order
If this suits you better, regular standing order giving is also enormously helpful to us.

If you prefer, you may give using our weekly envelope scheme.

Cash or cheques can be put in the church donations box.

Gift Aid
If you are a UK tax payer we can claim an additional 25p for every £1 you donate. Please ask Elizabeth for a form to enable us to do this, but don’t forget to let us know if you cease to be a tax payer.

For standing orders and other direct payments please speak to the treasurer (details below)

For further information, please contact:

Elizabeth Henderson (Treasurer):

Jenny Powell (Asst Treasurer) Or ask a Churchwarden