About Us

So who are we?

We’re a church, so we’re a family, focussed on living out our faith in relationship with Jesus Christ and one another. Seeking to serve, worship and share the Lord Jesus.

We’re a Church of England church, so we’re here for all in our parish, and beyond, who wish to seek Jesus. We relate to and work with other denominations and churches, but we belong to the denomination known as The Church of England or Anglican Church.

We’re an evangelical church, which means we seek to live out our Christian lives in the power of the Spirit under the authority of God’s word, the Bible This includes a commitment to the ministry of the Holy Spirit, a reliance on prayer, Bible study, fellowship with one another and serving our community.

We’re a church committed to sharing the good news of Jesus in order that others can come to know the incredible love of God and the salvation that Jesus makes possible through His death and resurrection. It’s life changing good news that we love to share.

We’re a church for all ages. There is something for everyone across the life of this church family. All ages, from the youngest to the oldest are valued and loved in this church family.

We are a “come as you are” church in a modern building, where people and community matter and everyone is welcome.