New Here

Hi! If you are new to St. Paul’s or just visiting, please know you’re hugely welcome. Our hope is that our church welcomes people from all walks of life and is a place that everyone can call home.

We are very much a family church, well represented across all of the age groups. We meet every Sunday at St. Paul’s in Landford Way, Throop, Bournemouth.

Most of those who come to our services are committed Christians but we also attract those who have not yet made that decision and are on a journey of finding out more about what Christianity is all about. Whatever you believe, we hope that you will feel welcomed.

The overall style is informal. There is no dress code. Some come smart, some come casual… come however you feel comfortable!

Children of all ages are really welcome and we don’t mind if they make a noise or find it difficult to sit still! We also have children’s groups running every week for children from 3 months to 18 years old.

There is plenty of parking either in the car park or on nearby roads.
There is nothing special you need to know before you come to a service and there is no pressure to take part in any part of the service if you prefer not to!