Infant Baptisms

Infant Baptisms / Christenings

First Steps

At St Paul’s we welcome requests from parents wishing to have their children baptised. If you’d like to enquire, get in touch, or even better come to our 10 am Sunday service and speak to someone at church.  All those requesting baptism of their child are seen by a member of the clergy and/or a member of our Pastoral Care Team and at this meeting the reasons for wanting the child baptised are explored alongside a brief explanation of what baptism in the Church of England means and involves. The option of a Thanksgiving Service as an alternative or as a first step towards baptism is considered if the parents do not feel ready at this point to make the full commitment of baptism. A form is completed and dates are arranged for the preparation sessions and the actual baptism. If they don’t already do so, parents are encouraged to start attending services at St Paul’s with their child. St Paul’s welcomes children at every service and there are special activities and provision for children of all ages.



Baptisms are usually held at St Paul’s on the first Sunday in the month. You will need to check with the Church Administrator or a member of the ministry team to check which of those Sunday’s are available. These services all take place at 10 am on Sundays mornings.



In view of the serious nature of the promises and decisions that are made on behalf of the child at baptism, parents are expected to attend a time of baptism preparation. This takes the form of a Saturday morning session held at the church or an alternative date in your own home. The idea being that we create an opportunity, in an informal setting, to raise questions, concerns and information about baptism. Usually a number of parents wanting their children baptised will attend these meetings together. Our aim is for these to be fun and well as informative! There will also be a rehearsal in church of the baptism service so that all those involved, parents, godparents and children feel more comfortable and know what to expect on the day itself.


The Baptism Service

We aim to make this a family friendly celebration while retaining the integrity of the sacrament of baptism.


Follow Up

We take seriously our commitment to the children who have been baptised at St Paul’s. Parents and the children are encouraged to take part in the life of the church and helped to grow as followers of Jesus. The church aim to keep in touch with families after the event. A card is sent to each child to mark the anniversary of their baptism.

For information about baptisms at St Paul’s, please contact either Rev’d Jim Findlay or the Church Administrator, Pippa Fisher via the Church Office.